they scammed us 300.00


My Complaint: sharon hawkin’s yorkie’s are a total fraud. they offered be a female yorkie princess, for 300.00. i sent them 300.00 thru money gram. i got a call saying princess woyld be on the first flight out the next day. well the nexst day they were telling me she would need a special crate before she could be shipped. they failed to tell us we would need to pay for this crate before we got the phone call that she would be on the next flight out. i had told her several time’s thru e-mail that 300.00 was all i could come up with. i asked for a refund and never received it and need it back because i have a disability in my leg’s and my husband is working a 9.00 an hour job so we barely make it. i am believe sharon hawkin’s doesn’t exist because i have never spoken with her on the phone and emmanuel popper is suppose to be her husband but they have different last name’s. i was told thru e-mail that she is in baltimore maryland and i do know emmanuel picked up the money in college park maryland. now they have lowered the price of the puppie’s to 225.00 or 250.00 and according to their websight it say’s they are in minnisotta not maryland. please do not fall for their scam. they are crook’s and will rip you of in a heart beat. we learned the hard way. please don’t fall for them. they are scammer’s. they might have this number as well 208-266-7525. they never answer either one.


My Demand: refund of 300.00