I am a small travel buisness, 2 people, we decided to expand our buisness and open a new web site and a new direction with a specific market in mind. We contacted Sharp Logo Design so they could work on our project and come up with a logo for our company. | We completed the online survey, answered all the question and gave as much information about our product and the direction we wanted to take this. | Their first interpritation was awful. THe colors were not what we asked for and all the designs looked like it had been done using clip art. So we sent them our feed back and asked for revuisions to be done. | The next set of revisions the colors were changed but a specific feature we had asked for was removed. So again we submitted our revisons. | Again the design came back not as instructed, they had put back the specific item, but had removed the company name. Seriously, so again, we pointed out the error. | THe next revision was even more rediculous, now they company name had gone, also the specific feature has gone, and now we just hace a simple patch design that shows you nothing about the buisness, what we are and what we do. | So now I have started to ask for my moeny back. They are refusing, they claim that if I do a charge back it will result in them seding it to collections. I have asked three times for a refund and yet they refuse. THey claim to have a 100% satisfaction Guarentee. | So now I want to complain about them. I believe they are a rip of, and I doubt they are even inthe USA, the phone number is just a recording. | Dont use this company


  • Name: Sharp Logo Design
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alaska
  • City:
  • Address:
  • Phone: 1-844-524-6667
  • Website: www.sharplogodesign.com/