I had purchased a desktop Ionic Breeze along with a ten year warrenty. The warrenty was to replace the item if borken for any reason. The Ionic Breeze was accidently dropped when moving back home from college. nI called the customer service line that nigt to get the details about having it replaced. I recieved confirmation numbers and she said she sent the store an e-mail with my information so they would be ready. nI went to the store, and the sales respresentatives were extremely rude. I was treated with no respect. I explained the siuation and was told I could no exchange my product. After giving my information and the confirmation number he kept telling me I wasn’t in the system and there was nothing he can do. After finding me, he still refused the exchange. nBy that point, from the counter of the store, i called the customer service line from my cell phone and explained what was going on. They confirmed that the e-mail was sent to the store and there was no reason to refuse the exchange. The representative refused to talk to the customer service agent. nThe customer service called the store themselves and made the exchange happen. They also said they were going to mail me a $25 gift card for my inconvience (since they heard for themeselves how I was being treated). nA month later I called to cinfirm my giftcard because I did not recieve it. They said it was to be sent and because it was issued right before Chritsmas it was delayed. A month later I called again and they said it was sent. I never recieved it. A month later I called in again and they said they had no record of a gift card being issued. nA month later, I called again, and e-mailed in on their webpage. No response from the e-mail, and again they said they had no record of it. nThe rip off: they promised a $25 gift card and never gave it. nChristophernHuntington Station, New YorkU.S.A.

Roosevelt Field Shopping Center Garden City, New York U.S.A.


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