Complaint: Shawn Chouinard SCAMMER FOREX TRADER! Shawn Chouinard offers a trading group with his professional mentor ship and signals which he charges $300 for. He claims his signals are 90% accurate and you will grow your account by 50% every week (not something I or anyone in his group has done BTW). I should have known it was all just a scam from there but I went ahead and bought in anyways on the rare chance he was telling the truth. I guess this is how he draws in most of his victims. Also he provided me pictures of his recent trades, where he conveniently left out most of the trades he lost on. So it looked good to me! Shawn Chouinard’s course has about 40 hrs of videos he made him self which basically just teach you the most basic of market structure, how to spot a trend and draw support resistance lines. So basically 40 hrs of videos that you could learn for free from one Youtube video. Whatever, I thought, I will follow the signals he gives out for his paying members, that will surely grow my account! WRONG!!! He gives out multiple signals every week which as you will soon realize are not that great, the last 4 have all lost, and he admits to barely taking any of his own signals himself! If you question any signal he gives or why there have been so many loses lately he’ll yell at you and say that it’s not his fault your a bad trader and that the signals are for you to identify yourself if they’re good or not. Great mentoring here. This is all strange because at the beginning he told me I could just follow his signals and grow my account while I learn to trade on a demo account. From my personal experience Shawn Chouinard’s signals have been about 40-50% accurate. You’ll gain then lose then gain then lose then lose again. But once again he just gives out signals, it’s your job to decide if they’re good or not because he must just randomly make them up. Don’t question anything he does either or you will be scolded. Now for the fun part! Once you win and lose enough trades over a course of months and best case scenario break even, worst case lose all your money. Shawn Chouinard will personally offer you a spot into his MIRROR TRADING GROUP. For the small fee of $600 you can follow all of his trades exactly! Now I don’t know if these trades are any good because I’m not falling for his tricks anymore but based off of his win-rate in the signal group, they’re garbage. After being in his trading group for years now I can see that it is all just one giant pyramid scheme every day there’s new people joining for $300 with promises of financial freedom, they will all upvote his posts on Facebook and do what ever he says for the first few weeks until eventually they realize he is one big scam artist and slowly fade away. If Shawn likes you he will let you invite people to the group for $300 and he will take $175 of that. His trading group is basically one huge pyramid scam with garbage signals and a mentor that complains anytime you say something he doesn’t agree with. I am sad I fell for this scheme and am trying to keep anyone else from it. TDLR; Shawn C sells scam trading group.

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Address: Michigan United States