My husband of 12 years was friends with her boyfriend… anytime they hung out she was like a puppy with her nose stuck up their ass. I tried to befriend her but she deleted me on social media because I asked her to respect me as his wife and no text call or always be so clingy around my man. So this was in October 2016… in April my husbands phone went off late so I of course read it. It was her saying she was sad he ignored her all the time, and that she wanted him. I confronted him he admitted she tried to give him oral several times in which he declined but one night drunk he gave in… she gave him oral while her boyfriend was inside the bar… when I confronted her she laughed and said she did it to hurt me. She didn’t want exposed but was messing with several men at the same time. She’s on 19! She knew about me, she knew how long we were together and she knew we had three kids together. My husband will be taking a polygraph to ensure he’s being honest. Were trying to work things out but this little girl keeps texting me every now and then trying to be my friend. She’s not to be trusted.