My husband made a career change, to work at Amazon and took a drastic pay cut, my Mother and Son lent us money to pull through till we got some things payed off and he was able to move up, needless to say the month the last large bill was paid off and by then he moved he was on his way up. He starts coming home later and later till its late morning early afternoon. when I questioned him a couple times and the last time he actually called me from work, and the girl starts screaming in the phone that she’s with my husband, and I should leave him alone! then she proceeded to send a message to me stating the same thing, he wasn’t home through any of the holidays and a couple days after Christmas he my daughter and I come home, and he moved his things out, come to find out he got and apt with her! She is a child 23 years younger than him! A women that can sleep with someones husband is a down right Home Wrecking Skank!