Complaint: I ordered proactive and was offered a special offer of sheercover powder and a set of 5 pallet of eyeshadow along with couple other items supposively a 99.00$ value(somewhere round that) for $9.95 and received the proactive not no sheercover.I called about it got the run around ,they tried blame proactive and said call them,that i did and proactive had me call sheercover back.sumhow they had me for auto renewal but no info on previous purchase to look online.but then I see where they ripped off many other buyers and that the special 9.95 offer was( sooo very small Noway was it a hundred $ value of products anyway) but it wasn’t no longer available either….now I HV to Mk sure they didn’t charge me but I think they did..either way no1 wants to be fooled and giving out their CC info and waiting 2 weeks on a package they need and want just to find out they can’t and won’t be receiving the special offer.:(

Tags: Sales People

Address: Internet USA