The skinny ugly”red head” in the photo is the whore. I went out of town with a friend and my husband stayed home with our daughter. That night he had another girl over that he was having an affair with, the other girl in the picture, and she invited Shelby over. They had a three some in the basement of my house while my daughter was upstairs sleeping in my bed. Our marriage wasn’t going too well when all that happened in the basement. But a few days later we agreed to work on the marriage, he said he would no longer talk to Shelby whom I thought they were only friends. || I came home from work early one day because it was my day off and I walk in the house and he stopped me at the front door and then I saw the back door open and slam shut and I freaked, and he said no one was in the house so I let it go. Then I saw her text him asking if I left yet. So I freaked. He said they were only friends so he had her come over the next night to meet me. She came to my house walked around like she was special trying to be my friend and playing with my daughter. I flat out asked her if she and my husband ever did anything and she said no, she knows he’s married and respects that. I looked at his phone the next morning and that’s when I found out about what happened when I went out of town. And she still tried to be my friend. || Telling me to just beat her ass and it would all be fine. I have my husband another chance because he did all that when we were actually going through the motions of divorce and our marriage was far from anything good. A few weeks later we found out I was pregnant with our second child. And I’ve been pregnant since July, we found out beginning of August. A week ago I find out he’s been continuing his affair with this nasty whore. He was on a site called Skout and she started messaging him and he started sneaking out when I was sleeping. He was even doing it after we found out I was pregnant again. That night is when I found out he never stopped having sex with Shelby McNew. And that’s when I also found out he was having the affair with the other girl in the picture. But he stopped with her when he started with Shelby. So get this nasty whore out there for everyone to see! I would put a picture of myself up so you can see what he was willing to lose just to have his fun with her but I’m not a homewrecker so my face doesn’t need to be on this site. But her face sure as hell does!