Shelby and my husband started a relationship when he moved to another state to better our family! Once he moved his daughters and I up here with him she then stated that she was pregnant with his baby. He went to a baby checkup appointment to confirm the gender and I immediately started to get phone calls. She admitted to sleeping with him on that day and continued to send him naked pictures of herself to him! Titty shots hairy p**sy shots!! I was constantly finding text messages in his phone from her begging him to leave me and how their lives could be so happy together!! She has tried to ruin our family so many times and she even went as far as saying that he only married me so I couldn’t take his kids from him! || I’m not sure if there still in contact as I had to block her numbers from both of our phones! Come to find out her child isn’t even my husbands! Yep she’s definitely a home wrecker!!!! Tested our relationship and I hate both of them for everyday!!