called a month ahead to reserve a cabin. told them we had ten kids. they said no problem and we could bring tents. drove two hours to camp, paid for whole weekend up front. while camping in this nasty stinky cabin, had owners tell us we had too many kids and some needed to leave, had other owner spying on us , sitting there watching us from a golf cart. then to kick it all off, the credit card i reserved the cabin with was charged 100$ with out my authorization. i called them to ask why, and they said iwe left stains in the couch that they had to pay to get cleaned. well thanks to tammy from brookvilles statement on this site., the stains were there to begin with. because of her taking off my card, my mortgage payment was insufficient, and more charges occurred. i could go on and on, about the hard rock beds, dirty pans, no toilet paper, windows didnt work, i guess our family vacation was a disaster thanks to them.

374 shiloh ln clarington, Pennsylvania United States of America