Two months ago, I was told i would get a $100 dollar walmart gift card in the mail if I paid $6.95 for shipping and handling. So my mom let me use her debit card to pay and that was all that was supposed to be charged. Well no gift card came instead a package with Hydroxytone anti wrinkle cream came in mail. Then I had to call all the companies to cancel before they charged me for something I didnt agree to. Now two months later at 8:30 at night the same man calls me back. He states,” remembewr I talked to you a couple of months ago about the card we was sending you?'” I stated yes and he says for $9 dollars and I think 20 cents. And then I got hot aand said no you said $6.95. And then I stated they was not aurthorized to charged anything and I had cancelled everything because they had scammed me the last time. Then it was like he ignored the statement and repeated the card number, experation date and security cade and said that they was mailing a package out to me on Monday and that in order to cancell the order I had to stay on line til recording came on and repeat the card information and at the end of all the recording they would give me a confirmation number and a phone number to call and nothing would be charged to the card. when I refused to repeat the information of the card to a recording and hung up he called me back and said what happened? I told him I was not authorizing any charges on the card. I asked him for their phone number and he informed me at the end of the recording I would get the phone number aftre the confirmation number I told him I wanted the name of his company and he told me. I told him again they was not authorized to charge anything to the card. So the man yelled at me and said fine then I will charge the bak $200 dollars and we should end call now. I told him if he charged anything there would be legal repercussions. And he yelled there is nothing you can do about it and it will be charged. And then he hung the phone up on me. So tomorrow September the 7th we have to go to bank in order to make sure these people do not charge anything on the account. Someone please help me with this matter. I am begging.

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