Did not get paid for work done


My Complaint: Was Hired by ShipWiz inc in Sept. to drop ship packages over seas. Seemed very legit. Filled out paper work, signed contract, even trained.
Base salary is $2,000/month
Bonuses of up to $500 are available for handling over 50 orders per month
All expenses for shipping, as well as internet use, packing and gas, are reimbursed by ShipWiz.
You will be on our payroll and all applicable taxes will be withheld from your paycheck. You will receive a W-2 form at the end of the year.
I started receiving packages on Sept. 4th. I processed over 30 packages in a 3 week period. Then they just stopped coming and I could not reach my manager anymore. Was due to be paid Oct.5th and have received nothing to date 🙁 … I did not ivest anything to work for them just mileage and some shipping supplies but i do feel taken advantage of and inconvenienced. I now have to change all my Bank account info because they have all of my information.

Names used: May Chen, Maria Koffman


My Demand: Payment for services rendered