Never got paid for the work I did.


My Complaint: This company hired me at the end of August to be a Mail Clerk from home. I completed a contract that stated that I would be paid $2,000 per month before taxes and $300 reimbursement for everything that I had to purchase and use for the job once a month. I have worked from home before, so getting paid once and twice per month is normal to me. UPS and Fedex delivered different items to my home, and these were high dollar items like iPads and cameras. A week before I was suppose to get paid, 10/04/2013, my manager stopped replying to my messages on the website, I started calling her at the number that she told me she can be reached at and never got a answer nor did I get a call back after I left messages. After that I went on the website,, and found the “business phone number.” I called the number and tried every department and all I could get was a message telling me to leave a message. Now, I’m beginning to thing that the items that were being shipped to my house were probably purchase in some fraudulent way, because every item that came to my home was in a different name than who I was sending it to internationally.


My Demand: $2,000 minus taxes and $300 reimbursement