Gary called from ShopCV to tell me about all the wonderful things they had to offer at discount prices. Then he told me about really good discounts on printer ink and supplies. I asked for a specific printer, Gary’s response was that he was not sure and talked me into a trial membership. nHe indicated that I could sign on and look around to see if my ink was included, if not I could simply call and cancel my membership for a FULL refund of the 14.95 membership. He also indicated that I would be happy with all the other items offered and that I would receive a valuable CD with 50 programs on it and a $20.00 gift certificate to use for my first order. nThey were 50 sharware, freeware and demo programs which I was charged an additional $5.00 for shipping (according to Gary “yours to keep if you cancel

just for trying the service””). Stuff I could download for no cost off the internet. nI waited for the information

received a useless “”CD”” of shareware programs

signed on and guess what… no ink for my printer. All the other items were old versions of software or discounts off the suggested retail price. Items that you could get for the same price