Use due diligence when buying from them. They use deceptive acts to get you to bid or buy their jewelry. $1.00 rising auctions. Est retail value of $499.99 = actual value of $49.99. A $69.00 est value = actual value of $9.99. They put these sky high retail values on their jewelry to dupe you into thinking your getting a good deal. I see it every day. A nice looking piece of jewelry has an est. retail value of 499.99. Bidding starts at $1.00. Most of the time bidding will go over $100.00 on these pieces and buyers dont know they they can buy it straight out from the same place for$49.99. Everything in there auction can be bought from them for less than what your probably bidding on it. 95% of “Platinum over sterling silver”” pieces are not silver. They are a silver plated alloy. Gems are usually not real. I bought an Australian Boulder Opal sterling silver ring. The “”Opal”” turn out to be a piece of hardened plastic with glitter inside. Garnets and other gemstones are usually glass or rhinestone. Returns? You can return it and they even send you return postage with your order but they will deduct $10.00 or more from your refund and sometimes will only give you a store credit. There is a pending class action lawsuit against them for deceptive trade practices.”

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