Shoppers Choice! n Why Shop With Us? 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Real Customer Service! n That’s a lie! Yes, as shoppers we have lots of choices. And here is why: n I spoke with you all this morning regarding this. The agent I spoke with is named Joshua at 877-743-2269. Obviously, you guys really don’t care about customers because you are refusing to honor the price shown. All he said to me was “thank you for pointing out the error.”” I will never shop with you and this letter is going to be posted across the internet to show your lack of concern. n BTW

the page is NOT inactive and is still showing just fine. You now show the product to be unavailable. Click on the link for yourself

you all still haven’t corrected it: n n — On Mon

11/2/09 LLC <[email protected]> wrote: n From: LLC <[email protected]> Subject: Re: food dehydrator To: Date: Monday