Hello,The company is called "ShopperX LLC" appears to be an identity theft scheme operating under the guise of logistics company. I signed an employee contract with this company a few months back, did multiple jobs for them, but never received remuneration. Their behavior since has been reflective of an illegitimate company set out to victimize people for the presumed intent of identity/financial information theft, due to the sharing of personal information via W4 tax forms. They have ceased communication with me. I had a manager (introduced herself as both Victoria Vega and Debora Kaufman), who I actually talked to twice via phone, but when she told me she would call me back to straighten out my compensation issues, she never did. I have already reported them to multiple authorities, such as Internet Crimes, DOL, FTC, Miami local govt, and news agencies that published marketing articles for them. Their ScamPulse.com status recently changed from pending to "F".Here are some relevant websites/contact information for this entity:https://uhy-us.com/About-Us/Locations/Miami-FL (this entity-Accountant Dennis Petri-is located at the same address, I reached out to him as well, but received no response)http://thecashacademy.org/shopperx-llc-can-be-helpful-in-buying-products-from-us…⇄ />https://www.yellowbook.com/profile/shopperx-llc_1904659760.htmlhttps://www.bbb.org/us/fl/miami/profile/workathome-companies/shopperx-llc-0633-9…⇄ />shopperxusa.com/ShopperX Phone: 800-929-9278Thank you for your time,