I applied to the company through Indeed. The job post stated the company name was The Waterford of Baytown claiming to be warehouse work. The Waterford is an assisted living facility. I applied anyway even though it seemed odd. The did contact me and directed me to upload a copy of my id to shoppingmania.pro to prove it was me and my address. The job was $2800/mo to verify and quality check 80 -100 parcels from the comfort of my home. First paycheck was to be after a month of testing my ability to handle the work and then every 2 weeks thereafter. I opted for paper check instead of direct deposit because I didn’t trust them yet. My month of testing ended 2/21/2020 and I did not receive a check. Come the following week my access to the company login was denied and my manager no longer answers emails or phone calls. I thought that I was working for a legitimate company because they were doing what they said they would do for the month and Google showed a 5 star rating on BBB. Come to find ScamPulse.com has no record of the company until this complaint. I also started receiving acceptance letters from PayPal for numerous different people using my address to apply a week after I started with the company.