This company is absolutely 100% crooks. They take orders, get your credit card numbers and charge your credit card even before you get off the phone with them, even if they dont have the stock. nThey will say anything that you want to hear to get the credit card number and then float your money for months, or until they think you are ready to charge back and then refund it. nI have been suckered into buying form them only because they keep opening new stores and ebay/online companies. nThey have two other stores that I know about online now but I will not mention them now since I have not dealt with them directly. nI started with and they took my $40,000 order and held the money for 3 weeks always saying that they are gettig to it but it never happened. I cancelled it and they refunded my money 5 weeks after they took it. nThen I bought from Cyber Discount Warehouse which I found out later was shopsunshine and they screwed me around for 6 weeks and $35000 waited 6 weeks to get refund. nFinally I went to ebay and bought from Digital Shopping Network, they are yet again the same company screwing around the ebay people. They also now are getting terrible feedback and they have very fishy feedback on all the review sites too! nI am now out $15000+ and they dont even answer or return my calls, email me or care. The main guy always is rude and tells you that you are basically not important and screw off. nDO NOT Shop the sunshine as you will find out that there will be a very dark cloud above your head and you will be losing your money and time. nI have all the evedience to back each and everyone of these claims. nAlso Bose has sued them due to them not being authorized dealers. nThey are also not authroized dealers for the follwoing brands as stated on the very fine print in their webiste. nNOT AUTHORIZED TO SELL THESE BRANDS: nBOSEnDenonnOnkyonYamahanFujitsu nand many more, please check with the company before buying form any of these SAME companies. nBillnSeattle, WashingtonU.S.A.

1172-1180 Coney Island Ave Brooklyn, New York U.S.A.


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