As a small business owner, it is super difficult to make a living in general. Everything you do is your business and you put your heart and soul into whatever it is you’re passionate about and hope to God that you make money along the way. The worst of the worst are other businesses that mask themselves as “helpers” and con their way into your wallet. | Shoptiques’ first impression was extremely pushy, sales-y and aggressive. It immediately put me off and I was freaked out by how much the girl hounded me to consider Shoptiques. As a young boutique owner, I didnt have time to run my online shop and find unique customers so I was a little interested because they claimed to have a huge following. I initially said no just solely based on their sales technique (tacky.) but I caved in and thought “how bad could it be?” | First of all, the $1,000 entry fee is completely terrible and should have been the first key that once they got that check, my store would be tossed to the side and lost in the thousands of other boutiques that are signed on. It’s completely saturated with boutiques that nothing feels special. | They have penalty fees if an item isnt shipped out within 24 hours and this can sometimes cost more than the item you’re shipping so they collect and you lose out. Sometimes its impossible to get something shipped out that quick when you’re wearing 100 other hats and trying to make ends meet. As long as something is shipped out within a timely manner so the customer is satisfied, that’s all that should matter. | It also takes 30 days for the money to show up in your account because they give the shopper that much time to decide if they want to keep it or not. 30 days makes sense for big name retailers but for little guys like small boutiques who depend on that cashflow, it hurts. Also the customer can wear the item atleast 2 times and return it, get the money back and you miss out once again. If you sell something in your own store or through your own online store, you see the money within 2-3 business days which keeps things running. | The Shoptiques payout method is ridiculous. | The whole format of Shoptiques is really to benefit the people working there and not boutiques. | Oh and the cherry on top? A day after I told them I wasn’t turning my shop back on, I got a salesy email from someone asking me if I’ve ever heard of Shoptiques and if I would consider having a phone conference with her so I can sign my store up. | Just don’t do it.


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