I hired Shortcutz for the Platinum Lawncare Package and paid them $599.95 in advance on 1/12/2018. That package is all-inclusive professional landscaping, weed and fertilizer care in addition to grass cutting every two weeks and shrub care. | First application was scheduled to be beginning of February according to an e-mail received from Mark Thoren on 2/5/2018, then he started the excuses due to weather, until this application was done late April. He never did any other application to the lawn (because according to him: “an orange card will be left in your door when a chemical service is done”, and I have never seen such a card on my door). | Back to grass mowing which was supposed to be every two weeks, it was done every 3-4 weeks, and of course he never left the place clean. | Last time of grass mowing, was done in early August, then I reached to him many times, on 9/15/2018 he said he would be at my property next week; of course he never did as usual. Then on 9/23/2018 he wrote “We apologize, we are closing and selling the business. We will refund what we can. We are no longer servicing your area”. | On 9/24 he wrote “We will be happy to send the refund within the week. Please keep us in mind when you can afford a real house and yard”. Of course until now I have never received any refund, tried to reach him by e-mail phone and text but with no response. His second sentence where he said “when you can afford a real house and lawn”, he is right, my lawn now is dull and almost dead due to him taking care of it this year, and this is what you expect when you hire a low class, non-professional company. | He was supposed to work 10 months, practically he worked only 4 months, hence I should be entitled for 60% refund ($360). Even though if he refunded the full amount, I would still be losing because he totally ruined my lawn.


  • Name: Shortcutz of Georgia, LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: Georgia
  • City: Buford
  • Address: 2219 Saint Kennedy Ln
  • Phone: (770) 910-0318
  • Website: