I had pre-purchased shuttle tickets to and from the airport and this company did not provide the services paid for. I pre-purchased a round-trip shuttle ticket from McCarren airport to the Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas. When I gave the driver (on September 22, 2013) the printed receipt I was instructed to give him, he took it and then told me that it was not valid. I then tried to show him my email confirmation, which he also did not accept. I then had to pay $8 cash, for which I received no change, for my ride to the hotel. After three days of calling and emailing Showtime Tours, I finally received an email from a Carol Sloat, which stated that she refunded me $6 and that I just needed to show the driver the email from her to get a ride to the airport on September 26. I was the first person in line on that day with a confirmed reservation. The driver of van 2062 would not even look at the email. When I asked him to call his dispatcher, he said no and that I would have to call. As I was calling, he let 17 people onto the coach. When I got someone from accounting on the phone, they told me give him the phone. He refused but finally gave in when I told him it was accounting. He told them that he was already full because 8 more people were ahead of me in line. After talking for another couple minutes, on my phone, he handed it back to me and continued to load other people’s bags. The person on the other end had hung up when I went to ask what had happened. I then decided to get onto another coach that was offering rides for $7 cash. When I was sitting on the other coach, the Showtime driver came and yelled into the bus to ask me what I was doing. I have no idea what this was supposed to accomplish, as he made it crystal clear that I was not to get a ride.

1550 South Industrial Road Las Vegas, Nevada USA



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