Complaint: Thbis complaint is in regard to a lawsuit we are filing against Sibcy Cline. It exposes Sibcy Clines failure to disclose the fact that a convicted violent felon who was recently released from 10 years in prison for stabbing a 13 year old neighbor was on house arrest and living next door to the property we were about to close on. We have clear evidence to prove that Sibcy Cline willingly and recklessly withheld this information in order to make the sale go through for a family member of Sibcy Cline VP Stephanie Sudbrack- Busam. A neighbor made us aware of the situation 2 weeks prior to closing. Out of the concern for our 6 young children we rescinded our offer on the property.Sibcy Cline refused to release us from the contract. Sibcy Cline threatened and harrased us personally and continues to do so.They also threatend our lender, other real estate agents and forced several attorneys we had hired to quit working on our case. We have tried to settle this situation out of court. We requested that Sibcy Cline work with Seller Grant Troja to drop the case against us for $179.000 in damages. We also requested that Sibcy Cline remove all contingencies and threats of ceasing future business with our lender so that we could move forward with our approved loan to purchase a different home. We requested attorney fees as well as reimbursement of the $1,000 a week that we are paying to rent a new home until we can close. Sibcy Cline refuses to acknowledge any wrong doing on the part of their agent Nat Commisar and VP Stephanie Sudbrack- Busam. Therefore, we will be filing our lawsuit today against Sibcy Cline for 5.5 million. Best, Crysta P (((REDACTED)))

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

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