Ordered 12,000 in mechandise on stolen card


My Complaint: This Sidic Technology emailed me and asked for a quote on 2000 USB Sticks. I quoted 6.00 each, they issued me a po from sidic technology 711 E 47th St, Chicago,IL 60653 Phone: (630) 524-4533. I asked for payment upfront, They sent me a credit card number, pictures of the front and back and a copy of a drivers license as well as a credit card authorization form. Still seemed fishy since the card was from KY and the company was in Chicago. So I called Citi card got tghe card holder on the line and she had no Idea her card was about to be billed for 12,000. Glad I checked. So here it is in a nut shell Businesses, if you get a random PO and never speak to a person or cannot get any company history flag the order and do your research,. This company had about 10 posts on the net which were placed there for me to find, not really any real information but at a glance it looked real.


My Demand: Catch the thieves