Sierra expressed interest in a Deputy Sheriff who had work at her place of employment frequently, He was Married and his name is Andrew Platt. Andrew didn’t think his wife of 20 years would find out about their affair but she did. Andrew abandoned his wife and three kids for this then 27 year old Schizophrenic individual. They would have sexual relations in her Police car and in a unoccupied patients bathroom. Sierra contracted a sexually transmitted disease from Andrew. Sierra and Andrew were into erotica sex, and would have such sex acts in his Pick up truck or in the police car he would drive. Andrew also had several affairs with other woman while married to his wife, Their names were Linda Piccirelli Truesdell Of Hamilton, NJ formally of West Islip NY, Claire Celeste, RN at Stony Brook Hospital, Jessica Sypher, Shannon Campbell RN at South Side Hospital, Patricia Braun who works at PBMC Hospital, Kim Rivera RN at Stony Brook Hospital. Most if not all of these woman were and are married when they cheated with Andrew Platt.