December 9. 2016 my wife and returned a rental 21st Signature! After going through the security check line at the airport we discovered that left one of our lcarry on uggage bags! I immediately call the Signature to inform them that I left a bag in the rental van! I was put on hold and few minutes later a representative came back to phone and starred they found my luggage bag! I informed the representative that we had gone through the security line and could wait for them to bring the bad back! I asked the representative to ship my bag to my address and they could charge it to my credit card! | The representative stated protocol requires me to. Send a prepaid shipping box to Signature’s address and they would then ship my bag to my address! That same day December9 2016 after my wife and I arrived my in Michigan. We went directly to a UPS store paid to have a shipping fix sent Signature in Florida! The box arrived in the December12 2016 and was also signed for my one Signature’s empkyoiees! I called Signature on the December 1w 2016. Spoke to a representative whom stated that they had receive a label but not a box! | I immediately went to the UPS store where I purchased the box and informed the representative what Signature’s representative stated! The UPS representative went online to show me that the box arrived on December 12, 2016 and the name of Signature’s employee whom accepted and siged for the box! I called Signature on the December 12, 2016 and informed the representative that UPS has a tracking number and name of person whom accepted the box! The representative put me on hold for long period of time! | When she came back she stated that they have a label but not the box! I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor but was denied! I have called. At leasta doesn times but Signature refuse to allow me to speak to a supervisor or manager! I ask Signature to purchase a box and ship my bag to me but they just refuse to help me! This has gone since. December 9, 2016! UPS sent Signature an email but no respons! I may have to flight back Florida. To retrieve my bag that other contents in the bag! U am completely flustered because the lack of. Compassion ans corporation from Signature!


  • Name: Signature Airport Parking & Car Rental
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Orlando
  • Address: 7640 Narcoossee Rd
  • Phone: 888-538-3598
  • Website: