on October 21st,2005 i placed an order from silly prilly charmin for an effanbee doll, week and half later i call to check on the status of the order because i didnt receive any confirmation since the automated email stating they received the order. A man answered he said he was looking up my order and tells me it was shipped i should b getting soon. mind you he didnt have my name nor an order number. so i tell him he didnt ask for any info. he asks for my first name and number and he would have “the lady”” call me back .i tell him i need the item by monday if it couldnt be delivered by that time then i just want to cancel the order and i will order it from someone else. here it is a week later no call back. i call this morning and before i get upset i ask them were they affected by the hurricane they say no thank goodness. so then i go on to tell them about the order that they never got back to me about the man tells me he never received a call from me. so i ask to speak with “”the lady”” she tells me the order has been cancelled and i said it would have been nice to have confirmation she says they dont have long distance and they dont own a cell phone. how can you conduct business nation wide and not have long distance. while writing this i just received an email saying “”It is not right to blame us because we didn’t do things like you thought we should. That’s a bad mental habit to get into

it causes a lot of trouble that doesn’t have to be.”” i have a bad mental habit because i want to confirm a cancellation. this is the worst customer service i ever had. very rude. nCrystalnPalmdale


www.prillycharmin.com/ Florida U.S.A.