For 3 weeks my family has been get phone calls every day from this company asking to talk to my father. When I would ask what business they have with him all they say we have some concerns reguarding his account and need him to verify a few things. My dad ended up calling the company back and said that he doesn’t have an account and would like his family to be put on a no call list and she said okay. 2 days later the company called again asking for my father. This time I asked to speak to a supervisor. They tranferred me to a man named Lester who said he was a manager. I had told him about the phone calls for the past 3 weeks and what my dad said to a lady 2 days prior and was put on a no call list. He said he understand my problem and begin to ask for all the number that they shouldn’t call to reach my dad. Once he had asked for all 4 of my family’s number he said that I had now put him in a dilemma because he has 4 numbers he can’t call but no number that he can. I told him that was because we didn’t want his company harassing us anymore. He then ask for which one of the 4 number was my father so that he could call him. I told him he had no business with my father. He doesn’t have an account with them and he literally just called 2 days ago to be put on a no call list for our family that they fail to do. This company has fraud all over it. The other complaints I have seen are all different. Some about loans, using people’s social security number, problems with their "accounts" and many others. This company just want people’s money or info to use for whatever they want. I really want them to stop harassing my family.