Silverleaf Resorts 1) Became a member 10-09 2) Joined the RCI club through Silverleaf same day 3) Received a FREE cruise same day 4) Received a FREE destination trip 5) Came in November for orientation 6) Scheduled Orientation trip to Silverleaf at the Village Resort for the 8th of January. Conf # 3533046 7) Made another trip to discuss issues in February 2010. Problems 1) Never received a copy of the recorded deed from the courthouse with recordation number. 2) RCI is a scam. I never received a book or any verification in the mail as to my membership. I have tried on numerous occasions to request reservations in Napa Valley for loose dates in April 2010. There were no available dates in any location within 100 miles ever. I then, just randomly picked locations anywhere and everywhere throughout the U.S. and Worldwide along with random dates. There were no available reservations anytime. (This benefit is absolutely no use if I cant reserve a room) 3) I tried to reserve my Free cruise for a date in February 2010. The office for the cruise told me, I would not be able to choose a date of my choice. They would choose the date I would be able to attend. This would be after I registered and paid approx. $185.00 per person 30 days in advance. (I booked the cruise with my travel agent for the date of my choice for approx. the same amount.) 4) I called about the FREE trip to my choice of destination areas and the results were the same as the FREE cruise. The cost would be more than if I reserved through my travel agent. 5) I came in November for new member orientation. I have not used my membership yet and all they were interested in was upgrading me. If I cant use the membership I dont need it. 6) Since I cannot use any of the benefits that were supposed to come with the membership, I would just try to use the local resort (Villages) for weekday or weekend getaways and fishing. My membership says I can reserve three weekdays any available time with no charge or weekend at a rate of $50.00 per day. I can wait 2 weeks and do it again. This is a big selling benefit. I have tried in January 2010, February 2010, and April 2010 with no success of making a reservation at the Villages Resort. There is never any available room. 7) I was asked to come in for orientation again by one of the agents and I agreed to do so on the 8th-10th of January 2010. I had asked before I agreed if an emergency or bad weather prevents me from coming, will I have the option of rescheduling or canceling without being penalized the $50.00 a day. They told me as long as I gave one-day notice there would be no penalty. I called the welcome center the morning of the 7th of January. We have sleet, roads closed, all schools closed and these conditions will remain throughout the weekend. The lady sitting in for Deb Myers, since she did not make it to work because of bad weather, told me that I could not cancel without penalty. 8) I am contacted again and again by the staff to reserve another day to come out and discuss my membership. I agreed and once again went to their resort for an overnight stay at the villages Resort and meet with them the next day. They seemed sympathetic but with no resolve. 9) All the vacancies seem to be reserved for the people the sales staff contact to come in for upgrades. I still have never been able to reserve a room at my convenience for pleasure. My wife or me is contacted several times every day to the point of cursing them out if they call back. They still call anyway. I have lost about $4000.00 so far. I have noticed charges on my credit that cant be explained. I see the payment, but it seems there are small $60.00 charges as if I canceled a reservation.

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