Complaint: I got this number for health insurance online , gave all my information and credit card, I was transfer to a recorded conversation with Carlos, after 100 questions , I told Carlos , some of the questions I can not agreed , he then transfer me to a manager by the name of George , who asked what I needed, I explained him, That I couldn’t say yes to some of the questions Carlos was asking and h transfer me to you, The manager George told me, just say yes to all of them, so you get thru it, I know is painful, but that’s what you have to do, anyway you can cancel it within 30 days. I say what! So what’s the point of this recorded conversation, what are you tying to cover. He then told me , well I am trying to help you here, if you don’t want an insurance you don’t have to buy it. When I asked him to speak to somebody else because he was not helpful, he said have a nice year and hung up on me. I tried to called back and asks for another manager or who was this George manager m and nobody knew who he was. This is a scam. Now I am trying to call back to get all my information. Deleted included my credit card information. Horrible.

Tags: Sales People

Address: Internet USA