This is a complete Rip off… the cookware is nothing more than regular pots and pans. I wish i could warn every one that they deceive about their phony product. that is ridiculously over priced, and if their product held up to half of what they claimed it might actually be worth it. but time and time and attempt after attempt. you can not cook with this junk and they will not take it back either. all i want is my money back. and if they don’t do something soon they will wish that they did. because i i am going to every customer complaint website and getting involved with the business bureau, until they wished that they had just given me back what is rightfully mine. i have called their number plenty of times and made several complaints so if Simplicity wishes to contact me about my report, whistle blowing, or whatever you want to call it …. they have the ability. they are just to busy ripping the next person off I imagine.

1255 Paradise Hill Rd Clarksville , TN 37041 clarksville, Tennessee United States of America


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