Complaint: Sinemia is demanding a photo of membersu2019 government-issued ID before they would unlock members’ accounts theyu2019ve frozen until the required documents have been submitted. This happened to me a month after my account was activated. Although I have been corresponding with Sinemia under the same email address and personal info (birthdate, address, credit card #) my account is established under; Sinemia will not unlock my account to buy tickets. Their company statement: “By verifying your ID

Tags: Buyer Fraud, Internet Fraud, Movie Theater Tickets, Online Business

Address: you help us ensure you are who you say you are and that you are the sole user of your Sinemia account.”” Why isnu2019t the member made aware during the sign-up process that a government-issued ID must be provided by members a month after their account was activated as a requirement to be allowed to continue to use their account? Why would Sinemia assume a member is anyone but who that member says he is under the email address that member established for his account? Why isnu2019t verifying all the personal information established under the memberu2019s account sufficient? Why would Sinemia assume someone else is using the member’s phone to purchase tickets and what are they basing that assumption on? How does providing a member’s government-issued ID proof that the member is the sole user of his non-transferable Sinemia account? Why would Sinemia even ask for anyone’s SSI? My credit card charges from Sinemia indicate that this company is in Istanbul but has an office in West Hollywood.”


Phone: 925 N La Brea Ave Los Angeles, California United States