I paid this shop $140 in September of 2018 to install a dual channel Thinkware F770 dash cam video camera in my car. They installed the rear-facing camera upside down, and the front facing camera was not adjusted properly. | As a result, when my wife was struck by a hit and run driver on Wednesday, May 1st, I was unable to identify the other vehicle. Therefore, I have to pay for all the repairs out of my own pocket, even though the other driver was completely at fault. My wife contacted this repair shop to ask what they could do for her, and they refused to compensate her in any way. They even refused to adjust the cameras properly, since my wife couldn’t produce the original receipt. | My advice: Take your business elsewhere unless you are interested in paying a lot of money for shoddy work. I will not be coming back here.


  • Name: Singh’s Street Vibes Auto Sound & Security
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Lawrence
  • Address: 265 Burnside Ave
  • Phone: 1 516-341-7337
  • Website: streetvibesauto.wixsite.com/website