A.D. Sinha scammed me out of $25,000. He told me he was going to open a business in Lancaster California with the money but he never opened the business and now he says the money is gone. He was a friend so I thought I could trust him. I told him I was going to report him if he didn’t pay me back my money its been 4 years no business an no money has ever been paid back. He told me that I have no proof and that he doesn’t care. He hasn’t tried to resolve this and avoids my calls. We are no longer friends. I also know he has scammed others out of money claiming that he is using Sinha Entertainment for needy kids, charity and celebrity events this man is pocketing the money. He shows his photo with celebrities to gain your trust its a manipulation tactic. Beware of this guy, he is a fraud!. I demand I want my $25,000 back!. Stay away

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