On June 12th, 2015 I was the unfortunate victim of SitesWorldwide.org‘s sales person Devan Hirst. I am going to recommend you do your research and stay away from this company. | Mr. Hirst claimed to be a representative of Google, and told me what his company does for their clients. After some disbelief on my end Devan asked me to google search phrases of other clients. Devan then explained he was actually working with a company he identified as SitesWorldewide.org LLC, he told me actually also optimizes keywords for Google, Yahoo and Bing and that it was my lucky day, he had me google a specific keyword for my business. Devan promised me first page placement for that keyword and access to the millions of hits that keyword received every day. | I was asked to take out a calculator and to multiply out the number of millions of people and if a small percentage visit the website, and then if a small percentage order my product. The number ended up being something like $36,000.00 in profit that Devan asked me to read off to him. | The problem was that the keyword that related directly to my business was never available to begin with. The next day after Devan had access to my credit cards, I called in to do my initial account setup. I was told the keyword that I had purchased did not exist and was not available, also I was told my account would be placed on review while they research the sales call to see what I ordered; because I insisted on a full refund since my product I was sold was now suddenly not available. This sales tactic is commonly referred to as a bait and switch. | Later that week I received an unitdentified package in the mail, in a plain manilla envelope, from a company I did not recognize, called Online Client Services ( onlineclientservices.com ). I then reviewed my bank statements and realized I was fradulently charged $2,495 by a company called BDI, Business Development. The original order which they refused to fill was only for the amount of $1,995 and I have the original invoice for this. | I proceeded to call Sitesworldwide, now identified to me as Online Client Services (OCS)… I called them every 2 weeks for the last year. I started out very friendly, asking for the refund. See, from the beginning of the high pressure sales call, from day 1, I was promised by Mr. Devan Hirst a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Devan promised me my keyword woudl be in the top 3 results of Google, Yahoo and Bing or my money back. | Since that day on June 12th, the company has refused to charge back the amount on my cards, they have created fradulent documents claiming that I ‘digitally signed’ and they tracked my computer as a signature. But in fact, I never signed anything. I have requested my refund from day 1. And it’s not just that but they invoiced me the wrong amount and mailed in in the US Postal Service, which is mail fraud. | Sitesworldwide, through their employee Al promised me a credit back on my cards, this was further verified by another employee Chance, and then for a month the lied to me and said my refund would be the next refund processed and that it was on the desk of the credit card processor. After I waited two months and checked every bank statement I called them and Al told me they decided not to honor the refund and it was at their option anyway. Al said since 2 months had elapsed it was now at their option, and they simply decided not to. | This was Sitesworldwide’s option, they decided to call me at work and sell me a keyword that was, in their words “Guaranteed to get me front page placement in the top 3 search results of Google, Yahoo and Bing.” | Sitesworldwide engaged in interstate commerce and as such they are bound by the interstate commerce clause, and as a company that engeges in telemarketing they are required by law to honor the terms agreed to in the original sales call, and they are required to honor their 100% money back guarantee. That did not happen, and I have been yelled at, laughed at and sarcastically hung up on. | Online Client Services and Sites Worldwide are a complete and total scam


  • Name: Sites World Wide
  • Country: United States
  • State: Nevada
  • City: Las Vegas
  • Address: 1027 S Rainbow Blvd, Suite 256
  • Phone: 877-304-1721
  • Website: sitesworldwide.org/