Complaint: I have a Chevy Blazer that is repeatedly blowing fuel pumps. After #3, I (no mechanic, for sure) deduced there is something wrong in the wiring system that is blowing these fuel pumps. I have a son (250 miles away, or it would have been taken there immediately) who is a service manager for a GM Dealership. I phoned him , explained the problem, and he was kind enough to call the mechanic at Skellings and told him (step by step) what to look for and how to solve the problem. This advice was not taken… in fact the vehicle sat for 10 days in the lot, not even looked at, because ,eveidently there was an unpaid labor bill from the second time it was in for a repair that lasted 2 days. I was not aware of any bill, since I never got one, and never got to drive it (it died before I could drive it). Each time this vehicle went in to the shop, it was up to me to get it there, as they also have no tow truck. (Another irritation). Twice in those 10 days, I was on the phone inquiring as to the status of the vehicle and no one told me of an unpaid bill. And in inquiring, I was told they were simply going to put in another fuel pump. When I called my son (the service manager) back and told him that…he was amazed. He said …”what part of ‘replace the harness and connector’ did they not understand. Today

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Address: I was told nothing was going to be done as long as there was an unpaid bill

Website: and I called the nearest dealer (Stanley Chev. in Saranac Lake) They agreed with me there is definitely something causing these fuel pumps to burn out. They will take the vehicle in and fix it…however

Phone: whereupon I became agitated and had to hang up