I ordered a hooverbord from Sky for Less website. After 2 fake confirmation numbers through UPS, I called and they blamed UPS. UPS stated they never had a tracking number. I called and reported to my bank. Once Sky for Less got my dispute from my bank they sent us a hooverboard that didn’t work. We charged it for 4 hours and the battery worked for less than 30 seconds. I refined the hooverboard and asked for a refund. I get an email that says they are shipping a new one, which was a false UPS tracking number again. After many many calls and emails the same guy always answers, told me that they would refund me but charge 30% refund. I am fine with that as long as I get some of my $240 back. Now, they are ignoring my emails and calls and won’t refund my money. If you look at the Facebook review, you see they’ve done this to dozens of other people. I do have an email trail of all the emails and lies.