I was contacted via USPS Priority mail with an envelope that had a check in in from Bulldog Federal Credit Union. It was a cashier’s check for the amount of $4,890.00. I was told to cash the check and keep $350.00 for my pay/salary and my report should be sent to Michael Preston at [email protected] I was also to get a cashier’s check in the amount of $20.00 made out to the American Heart Association. After that $4,500 of the money was to be put in my nearest BTC Machine. They also said if the bank wouldn’t cash my check to deposit it and it would clear within 24/48 hours. They also said within 3 years they have installed over 240,000 cryptocurrency machines and that they would provide the specific location that I am to use. This was all too good to be true for a single mother of 4 children.