Complaint: Okay, so I have had some pretty bad employers in my life but nothing compares to what happened to my friend. She was a stay at home mom with a newborn baby girl and her boyfriend(ex now) went to jail and she had to find a job fast. So she went into a local hole in the wall bar. I mean this place is a dive. Local old drunks and the same people singing the same horrible karaoke tunes(badly) every night. Anyways, she got a job there working in the kitchen and upon being hired was told she would be garunteed three or four shifts a week with a shitty pay of 8.00 an hour plus tips. (Usually only 5 bucks). Well after her three day training period, she was suddenly scheduled only 2 shifts a week. She was told it goes by seniority and its all they could give her. Let me just say, if it goes by seniority then how the heck does a guy who has worked there 6 weeks longer than her have 5 shifts while a female who works there who has been there for almost a year have only three? Well after working for them for a month and a half and this is when she is constantly being called in to cover other people who a. just dont want to work(sometimes) or b. are too drunk,hung over, or high to work(most of the time) and she could never get anyone to cover her, including her manager, when she was so scik she was puking in the back over a trash can. Well because her manager wouldnt come to work for her that day, he was actually demoted and the guy who had been there 6 weeks longer than her was promoted to manager. Now, funny thing is, her NEW manager has worked two jobs for the last four years to support his kids and wife just quit his second job a couple days before he was promoted because his wife caught him actually AT his other job pretty much f*cking a server in the back… (who would want to eat there now?) … and his wife says quit now or i’ll leave you, so he quit. Lucky for him he was promoted at the Skybox and now has a full schedule with no need for a second job… funny right? But it gets better. My friend goes into work on a saturday and this piece of crap scumbag who cant keep his d*ck in his pants says with a huge grin on his face, well ya know, we have to let someone go. Can you guess who? And she replied, either me or J**? and he says you. want to work your shift? she of course declined to work her shift because she was almost hysterical. being a single mom working two jobs she is so tight budgeted that she has just figured out she is over a 100 dollars short on her rent. Well a week later, she finds out that the skybox has lessened one female’s shifts to just one shift a week and that the new manager and the owner have hired a close friend of theirs whos has worked for the skybox 3 times now and each time been FIRED due to incompetence and drug use and on top of everything else he works 3 shifts. So all in all, the Skybox Lounge are pieces of sh*t looking to f*ck over everyone just to help themselves and hey, most the guys in the kitchen are stupid as f*ck which is why the kitchen never makes any money. Boycott these a**holes just on the principle of screwing over a single mom to hang with thier druggie friend while they use the economy as an excuse!!! Way to take advantage of a bad thing a**holes. You’ll be lucky if I dont take a road trip and burn your bar down for screwing over my friend.

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