While coming back from my office, I drove through several rocks scattered on the road. I did not know that this would go on to create a problem. The next day when I took out my car to go to the office, I could feel that the tires were not functioning properly. When I checked the tires, I saw an evident misalignment. I had a very important meeting and somehow, I managed to reach the office. After the meeting, the very first thing that I did, after the meeting got over, was to schedule a service appointment at BMW of Gainesville. It was the nearest service centre from my office and thus I planned to take my car there directly from my office. I was lucky as the appointment was scheduled for that very day.

When I reached the place in my car, I was told that the mechanic was not present and that I would have to come tomorrow. So you see, I had to drive my car back to my place. The next day, I had to miss my office to take the car to BMW of Gainesville. After reaching there, I was made to wait for an hour before I was let in. The mechanic then took a look at my car and told me that two of the front tires would need to be replaced with new ones and the two in the back would need to be re-aligned. I was given an estimate and it was not cheap at all. Given the fact that I required the car daily for transportation, I did not hesitate to pay the estimated amount. After the bill was paid, I headed back home with an assurance from the employees of the place.

When there was no call from the place even after two weeks, I called them up and asked them about the status. I was told that it would take a few more weeks because the two new front tires were being imported. I requested them to hurry a bit as it was getting hard for me to go to my office.

After a month, I finally got a call back from the place. They told me that the servicing had been done and my car was ready to be collected. After almost one and a half months, I was going to get my car back and this made me quite happy.

I did not delay and went to the place that very day. I showed my copy of the bill and the car was brought to me. I saw that the new tires were looking quite good. I looked down and checked the alignment and it too seemed fine. I sat in my car and drove off to my home. While driving when I applied the brakes, it took the car some extra time to come to a halt. It took me a while to realize that the new tires were slippery. There was not much of a grip on them. When I called the place up, I was told that it would take the tires some time to get used to.

I had to get the new tires replaced by another mechanic as they were used and damaged.

I would not recommend anyone else to go to BMW of Gainesville as there is not a shred of truth present in them.

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