Complaint: They put on a great show to make you think they have your best interest in mind including your pocket book. Nothing is ever mentioned about the costs of their advise. One of our kids had some migraine issues. They recommended some injections that would stop the headache symptoms…and spoke of it as quick and simple process…again…nothing mentioned about cost. We figured for the less than 5 min it took and the six injections…maybe around $200 to $300 would be reasonable. We get the bill later and it came to $3,600…yes…$600 per injection…and it didnt work to add to the frustration. If you are looking for friendly people to tell you what you want to hear…and try different things on you…this is the place for you…just be prepared to pay…and pay dearly. We found out the hard way that these guys will drain your bank account if allowed to.

Tags: Doctors

Address: 2680 channing way idaho falls, idaho United States