Sleepy Hollow Sports Park stole copyrighted artwork from a Canadian fine art and sport photographer They used his work on their website to advertise their s****.> | Photographer on multiple occassions tried to contact this park via multiple emails and they completely ignored it until a negative review was left more than a year later. Payment for the photograph was never received as they ignored photographer’s notion to settle the matter. | Based on the scam and fraudulent behavior and for violating copyrights, we do not recommend Sleepy Hollow Park to visitors, whether it’s their summer or winter skiing activities. There are other and much better businesses and companies you can deal with that regard in Iowa. | Currently the photographer is in a process of launching a copyright violation lawsuit against this property and copyright violation damages alone in USA reach $150,000. At this time we ask anyone visiting this park to stay away until further notice. When a fraudulent company steals from other businesses in order to profit, they may also steal from other people, visitors and businesses, whether it’s your credit card information or in some other way.


  • Name: Sleepy Hollow Sports Park
  • Country: United States
  • State: Iowa
  • City: Des Moines
  • Address: 4051 Dean Ave
  • Phone: 515-262-4100
  • Website: