My son purchased a little yorkie puppy on March 1, 2009, and she had to receive emergency medical care. She was in the hospital, and died prior to March 9, 2009. We called Petland repeatedly, had the hospital, Vets, and clinics fax and phone them. They did not help. They refuse to admit fault. We have everything documented with all the Vets (VMD’s) working to help us stop Petland from selling sick puppies. The Petland Vet, Dr. Deborah Abt, assured me that she did not let a sick puppy get sold, and she was part of the post op. She could not find a cause of death. However, Dr. Caslow, the VMD that owns the hospital that she works at, disagrees with her. Dr. Caslow is not associated with Petland. Dr. Abt is very much associated with Petland. Petland has not sent any letters, or tried to help us in any way. The sweetest little puppy suffered because of Slivko & Associates, LLC, Petland, and Dr. Abt. We are not going to let her death be ignored. nPlease contact Petland Pittsburgh Monroeville to let them know that we know that they purchase puppy mill puppies. Let them know that they sell infected animals. This poor little puppy was infectious. After repeated notifications from my family, they refuse to test the other animals at their store. They haven’t paid off their loan for the store, and guess what…we paid for it…The loan is a federal loan. We have to get the Government agencies to listen to us. We were not aware of Petland’s dirty secrets. We are now, and we are on the side of our puppy, and all the other animals in the world. If you too have had issues with the store. Unite. A class action law suit is the way to start. We have enough people to complain on blogs, but we need enough people to go to the Attorney General. We did, and we also contacted HSUS, and gave both of them our paperwork. This cause is going to last forever. The little puppy that they sold infected and sick is going to haunt them for their unethical and immoral practices. nSlivko & Associates, LLC dba Petland Pittsburgh Monroe…You are not going to be able to hide your death camp any longer. Admit fault, and do the right thing for the animals and the public. It is time to tell the truth. If you don’t do it now, all the public that has had these issues will unite and get the Attorney General to take action. I have every confidence that PA and the Attorney General are sick of hearing complaints about you. nDisgracednNoblesville, IndianaU.S.A.

1008 Trailside Court Jeanette, Pennsylvania U.S.A.


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