Complaint: Unreal the kind of things that have happened in the matter of only a couple of days. First off, I try to reach out to my sales rep (who by the way was always on point and THE ONLY reason why this worked as well as it did) only to find that he is no longer in the company without any explanation or details regarding why through an automatic message from a bounced email that is no longer active. To be honest, the results are not bad, but this software is buggy beyond belief and at any given week there are always a bunch of little problems that just seem to never get fixed fast enough and although our former sales rep was always trying to get things fixed in a timely manner, it was just end up taking weeks and now that I have 0 point of contact I have no idea what im going to do going forward and still to this day they haven’t reached out to us with any form of explanation. This is really unprofessional and I only wish this site would allow me to use some curse words because only they can express how dissapointed I am with their poor business decisions, but also there being no fortitude to actually do something about this and even simply just reach out to us which still hasn’t been done. Totally not up to par with taking on working with a company like ours and letting go of good people is just not smart at all. Everyone beware, they might not be as expensive as other providers like them, but the costs will end up being astronimical with what you don’t actually get for the money.

Tags: Computer Software

Address: 349 west 35th st. New York, New York USA