Smartboostsystem stole my money ($297). | First 24 hrs: | I ordered smartboostsystem for my 2 day old indiegogo campaign. I noticed after less than 24hrs that there was an increase in visitors to my Indiegogo. | After 3 days: | Still had an increase in visitors, but no pledges. I installed Google Analytics before signing up with smartboostsystem. Noticed that none of the smartboostsystem traffic showed up in my Google Analytics. Only on Indiegogo. I wrote them an email. | After 6 days: | No answer, no pledges and, what I discovered by now, fake traffic. | With still zero traffic from them showing up in my Google Analytics link, while I did see Facebook and other referrals, I felt something was wrong. | It turns out that smartboostsystem uses BOTS, not real visitors. | Google filters this ‘traffic’ out by default. Indiegogo doesn’t. | I reached out to Indiegogo support. They confirmed that they did receive several complaints about smart boost system and that this Milton Craig is a fictive figure. But at the same time not able to do something about it. I should contact my bank and file a chargeback. | What I learned: | Smartboostsystem, before operating under, is a scam. They created their own ‘reviews’, Milton Craig is a fictive figure, and they send $5 bot traffic on Fiverr to your campaign, selling it for $297. | Interesting, but sad read on how these scammers behind smartboostsystem and prkick work operate: |


  • Name: Smart Boost System
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Los Angeles
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