As the previous reports mentioned I received the exact same experience with such company. They were very communicative up until the point that they received the money via bank transfer. Their english is very poor, they never finish at the time that they claim that they will finish the project, when they finally deliver it it is full of bugs and with such low quality. | Not done even close to what I requested initially and they are barely responsive when you reach out to them unless you threaten to write a negative report on them.Then they tell me that something that they have to address yet they dont know when it will be completed which is quite unprofessional at rhe very least. | Finally after many months of waiting for an update, and promising that it will be completed by a deadline after pressuring them to give me one, I havent heard from them since the deadline arrived and never got my refund. They purposely ignore my messages because they realized that they have dragged this on long enough and they know that I wont allow to let this drag on anymore since they got nothing done ever since. | I invested thousands of dollars on this app and trying to create a business from it. Their website and demos and credentials seemed so legit that you would never guess that they would capable of such anus crime but they are. And when you confront them about previous reports made about them after the fact they tell you that its their competitors wrting those reports against them when it is actual clients who experienced such a scam from their product and I am a client so please dont believe that lie. | PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY AND THEY WILL HAVE NO REMORSE AND YOU WILL NOT HEAR FROM THEM AGAIN. The people involved includes NANDHNIi and SUDHARSAN S. and MUTHU RENGAN. I will seek legal actions so that they will be held accountable and galvanize every person who made a scam report on this company as witnesses for such fraud. THEY WILL BE PERSECUTED. Attached are screenshots of the final date they promised and my follow ups without any responses.


  • Name: Smart Car Tech
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Houston
  • Address: 1980 Post Oak Blvd
  • Phone: (281) 907-8324
  • Website: