This company scanned me of a few thousand dollars. The man that handled my account was Wilson. He seemed very nice, and well informed. i had him make me a website, and also paid for maintenance. I email him all the time, but I do not get a response. My website looks like crap. I wanted it to look like an online boutique, and it looks like a 12 year old designed it. Also, my daughter received a message from Wilson stating she was beautiful, and should work for him. I found that completely inappropriate! She ignored him, you know what he does? He sends her a friend request. This guy is a pushy a**hole, and will use his “”company”” to get women “”on board””. Mean while I am out a few thousand dollars! Thank Wilson! Your a slime ball, and karma will catch up to you! You promised me results, and instead you ignored me, and took my money. .

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