Emailed me about a possible job for money mulling


My Complaint: I was emailed something about a possible job opportunity to become a financial support agent, and after some research I was able to figure out that the company itself is a money mule website designed to target people looking for legitimate work from home jobs, the site also claimed that if I were to sign up and take the position on the same day I received the acceptance email, I would be paid an additional $400 dollars as a sign on bonus however, for everyday that I waited to sign up, $15 would be deducted each day from the day I received the acceptance email from the $400 sign on bonus. If that didn’t make things sound even more ridiculous, what they actually wanted me to do was accept funds thru my personal bank account and transfer the funds via western union(sounds fishy) and keep 8% as my commission. these people need to be stopped!


My Demand: These People need to be stoped before they start steeling money from inocent people and Companys. I would like to be compensated for my time