Purchased travel tickets(Airline) from them .Purchased round trip tickets for wife and myself. Wasn”t for a couple of days later that i noticed and extra debit taken from my account that should not have been taken. Have contacted smartfares call centre heaps of times(Over 50 times) to work this over debit out but they just refuse to assist in any way, been over 6 months now(I am persistant over the 350usd theft) have contacted them by phone from australia as they are based in the mighty usa and keep get putting on hold for over 45 mins until i get peeved and hang up, they actual rang my wife and told her they would ring back to speak to me about debit but up until now over a month no call. I keep sending them emails but nothing comes from them. I know 350usd isn, t a great amount but when you havn”t got the dollars to spare in the first place that”s why you look for cheaper tickets. So i would be very cautious about this company and would never deal again through them, wish i would have read feedbacks first as they would never had the chance to steal my money.

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