False and misleading advertising on website


My Complaint: Went to web site advertise phone as lease to own. When you sign contract they then inform you that it is a straight lease and in order to get out of the lease you are charged 50% of the lease agreement None of this is advertised in the website it only provides details and instructions on how to lease to own the product. In the straight lease agreement you never own the phone you just keep making lease payment of 150 dollars a month. The phone is only worth $ 850.00 They want you to pay at least a year of lease payment. Which comes to $ 1800.00 and you still do not own the phone and if try to get out they then charge you a early termination fee of $ 900.00 This is a total rip off.


My Demand: terminate the lease with no further obligations I already have returned the phone and did not even open the package..